Jewelry Care


All our rings are available in half and quarter sizes.  Prices are the same as the full finger size. Please email us the correct size once the ring is ordered. Special order timing is 2 weeks

CHILLATTO recommends cleaning your silver plated jewelry using a damp, soft cloth. Some silver jewelry can be cleaned with mild soap and ammonia solution or with baking soda. Please make sure to fully dry the piece before wearing it. Do not use harsh chemicals, jewelry cleaners, or polishing cloths, as this will affect the finish. We suggest storing your silver jewelry in the box or pouch that we provide. Please remember that as this is fine jewelry,

CHILLATTO guarantees that our precious stones are genuine and of medium to better quality.  

The following stone cuts are available:

Round brilliant cut

Square cut

Princess cut

Baguette cut

Pear shape

Emerald Cut

Marquis cut

Gemstone enhancement:

For nearly four thousand years, the beauty of gemstones has been enhanced by various methods.  Before modern stone-cutting techniques were developed, oils and dyes were used to bring out the color in stones.  Since ancient civilization, emeralds have been soaked in colorless oil to make them appear more beautiful. These practices continue today.

It was also discovered that heating gemstones could produce changes in color.  Legend has it that Marco Polo observed the application of heat to rubies in Ceylon and introduced the practice in Europe.  The heating process is a practice that has been accepted worldwide and is permanent.

Chillatto Enhancement policy:

Chillatto selects only the finest gemstones for its jewelry. Our gemstones are inspected for quality, beauty and durability.  We only use stones that meet our high standards for color, clarity and cut.  We do not use any gemstones that have been enhanced to increase a stone’s weight, or to mask a potential blemish.


Chillatto diamonds have no enhancement

Chillatto does not use conflict diamonds


Rubies and sapphires may be heated


Emeralds may be infused with colorless substances

CHILLATTO is happy to repair your jewelry and replace missing stones within 6 months of purchase.  .We will also be happy to resize your rings.  If it is not possible, we will discuss options available at the lowest cost.

CHILLATTO silver jewelry is plated in either 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold, or silver and rhodium. To ensure the life of silver jewelry, do not expose it to water. Please remove your jewelry while exercising, bathing, and swimming, and avoid contact with perfumes, lotions or hair products.