“Jewelry: The Body Transformed” A Beautiful Journey of the History of Jewels

“Jewelry: The Body Transformed” A Beautiful Journey of the History of Jewels

January 06, 2019

Jewelry lovers!

Chillatto has exciting news to share: You must go and feast your eyes on the spectacular “Jewelry: The Body Transformed” show at the MET.


This exciting new show organized by the MET is a wondrous journey for any and every person who admires and appreciates the intricacy and handiwork that goes into producing fine trinkets and jewels. We all have our own reasons for flaunting the jewels, and different kinds of techniques, materials and stones attract us.

Jewelry has a different representation for each and every one of us, and this powerful show allows us to connect with the history and evolution of jewelry as we flaunt it now. “Jewelry: The Body Transformed” allows us to explore the different uses, techniques and precious stones with a spectacular historic exhibition of 230 mind-blowing pieces of jewelry.

These pieces range from exotic metals, fine gold, rare pearls, and precious stones that provide a glimpse of how jewelry was made and flaunted hundreds and thousands of years ago. Each and every piece has a stunning story to tell, and the entire exhibition will leave you speechless and exalted with wonder. It provides answers to countless questions behind the techniques and styles that were flaunted as far back as the 2600 B.C and onwards, taking you on a magical journey through the Egyptian era of Cleopatra, pre-historic jewelry making and medieval times.

The exhibition has been broken down into five major themes of historic jewelry. The Divine Body explores how jewelry can be symbolic of immorality and vice. The Regal Body provides an amazing historic snapshot to explore all the various uses and techniques of jewelry throughout history. The Transcendent Body will reveal to you how jewelry plays a pivotal role in spirituality and the rituals of time. The Alluring Body reveals how exotic pieces of jewelry can tantalize the body and entice sensuality to fuel desires. And finally, The Resplendent Body explores the various techniques of jewelry making.

So, jewelry lovers, we at Chillatto urge you to go and explore a wondrous spectacle of historic beads, rare precious stones, regal brooches, beads, bangles and a lot more. Delve into a magical and majestic world and explore its relationship with our sensuality, body and soul. This exhibition will introduce you to the various purposes of jewelry throughout history, be it celebration, farewell, war or death. You will get to see exalting and extravagant trinkets of jewels from Ancient Egypt, Europe, India, and some exciting minimalist trinkets from Tiffany’s.


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