Feast your eyes on Royal Jewels: Marie Antoinette’s Jewels Come to Town

Feast your eyes on Royal Jewels: Marie Antoinette’s Jewels Come to Town

January 13, 2019

History remembers Marie Antoinette as one of the most extravagant French queens with an addiction to jewels, fine fabrics and exquisite embroideries. At Chillatto Designs, we are obsessed with the extravagant designs created by the queen herself, and women of New York have the perfect opportunity to try them on.

Yes, you heard that right! Marie Antoinette’s jewels are on public display at Sotheby’s, and every one can head over and try them on. Before the queen was beheaded, she conspired to send her exquisite pearls and precious diamonds to her family in Austria. After all these years, New Yorkers have the first and probably the last opportunity to see and actually try on some of the most gorgeous pieces owned by Queen Marie Antoinette.

The exquisite pieces include a ring that contains a few strand of Marie Antoinette’s hair, along with a precious necklace featuring 331 pearls and a classic diamond clasp. These royal French jewels have never been displayed anywhere in the US, and this is a golden opportunity for jewelry lovers to explore a treasure that has been hidden away for too long.

Before Marie Antoinette was sent off to prison, she sneakily conspired for all her priceless jewels to be wrapped up and sent away to Austria. When the poor queen was beheaded in 1793, at least she was at peace that her precious jewels wouldn’t be dismantled by the merciless revolutionaries. The jewels became a family heritage and were passed down to members within the royal family, who chose to keep them hidden from the public’s eye until recently.

The exhibition is a splendor of riches and precious stones, and anyone can walk in, admire their beauty and try them on without feeling the least bit intimidated. Aside from Marie Antoinette’s jewels, the exhibition will introduce you to an exquisite collection of priceless diamonds and rubies worn by 20th century New York socialites, Happy Rockefeller and Barbara Sinatra, who are practically considered American royalty.

Happy Rockefeller was the second vibe of vice president Nelson Rockefeller, known for her intoxicating aura, endless charm and packed social diary. Barbara Sinatra was the last wife of Frank Sinatra, a talented model and singer, she was a proud owner of some of the most exquisite pieces of jewels. The exhibition also includes some Royal Jewels from the Bourbon Parma Family and a breathtaking spectacle of sapphires, emeralds and rubies by many other French royals.

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