Why Semi-Precious Colored Gemstones are Popular & How to wear them in Style?

Why Semi-Precious Colored Gemstones are Popular & How to wear them in Style?

February 09, 2018

Gemstone jewelry is the coolest thing to have ever happened in the world of fashion. It is quite fascinating, rather mystical to think how a jewelry item, that you mainly use to adorn yourself, can actually have strong healing properties for your mind and soul. Gemstone jewelry has always been a huge thing. It just so happens, that in today’s world it is more of a fashion trend than a ritual.

Semi-Precious stones like topaz, citrine, zircon and quartz are quite popular among teenagers, tweens and 30ish women alike. A huge factor that contributes in the popularity of these stones is their affordability and the broad spectrum of hues they come in. A careful estimation says that a common person is more drawn to a color of a stone when buying jewelry rather than knowing what kind of aura it creates or what kind of energy it radiates.

People – especially young girls, tend to pick up semi-precious gemstones just because of fashion and jewelry trends. Take amethyst for instance. After the Pantone Color Institution declared ultra violet as the color of 2018 – amethyst instantly drew massive attention of fashionistas towards it. More than understanding the spiritual significance of amethyst, fashion following ladies are interested in wearing it for its purplish hues to stay relevant to the fashion radar of 2018.

Blue topaz had been quite a rage in 2016 for fashion jewelry lovers. And, the reasons were simpler. ‘Blue’ was the ‘it’ color in jewelry and fashion clothing for 2016 and topaz was a stone that anyone could afford to wear. Pink quartz is another stone that stayed quite ‘in’ the entire 2016 owing to its acceptance as the Pantone color of the year back then.

Gemstones and color trends go hand in hand. While there are still people who celebrate the undiscovered mysteries, secrets, and philosophies of precious gemstones, others just want ‘quick fashion fixes’ for their wardrobe. Inclusion of semi-precious colored gemstones is an excellent and pretty classy way of adding some variety and charisma to one’s jewelry stash. Plus, semi-precious colored gemstones paired with sterling silver jewelry are not as expensive as diamonds and pure gold, thus they are easy to be worn as seasonal fashion jewelry and then be replace the next year.

If you like ornamental stones, and colors are the main thing that draws you in towards a gemstone jewelry piece – you must check out the street-style inspired jewelry pieces showcased at Chillatto. From genuine pink, yellow and blue sapphires, Cabochon Emeralds, and red rubies to blue topaz – you will find very chic and modern colored gemstone jewelry pieces in stock at very affordable prices.

The best way to wear semi-precious gemstones is the way Chillatto does it! The stones are incorporated in modern day trending ear hoops, small studs that are worn together, charm pendants with long chains, stackable rings or feminine subtle chain bracelets. Sterling silver is the main metal used, thus making the fashion jewelry even more budget friendly, so you can buy them in all colors!

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