What are Charm Pendants & Why are they a HIT Among Millennials?

March 17, 2018

From the oversized vintage looking pendants to statement chokers – jewelry trends have been shuffling quite a lot. At one moment, chunky beads and stone chokers were the ‘hip’ thing and few months later everybody moved on to long and delicate chains with retro pendants. For 2018, charm pendants are bound to stay in trend, especially among the millennials or the generation Z – who is still hung on to the layering trend. Dainty charm pendants with long but almost invisible chains are the perfect accessory to wear with both causal and fancier attire.

If you want to see some of the finest charm pendants made up of sterling silver featuring gemstones, www.chillatto.com is the place for you. Small rubies, sapphires and black diamonds have been crafted into very modern urban-chic inspired charm pendants, an artistry you cannot resist.

Charm pendants are not just a thing of fashion, wearing a single or multiple charms around your neck signify a lot more than just jumping on the trend bandwagon. For starters, every charm young girls or boys decide to wear around their neck stands for a story, or possess some personal significance for them. Wearing those charms in a pendant reminds them of what is important to them.


Having a quick glance over what charm pendants are popular today, one would realize small hearts charm featuring ruby, zircon or garnet are quite popular. With hearts, people usually prefer smaller chains and then compliment it with an additional layer of a bigger chain with another charm. Ornamental hearts or engraved heart-shaped charms are also a hit among more ‘grown ups’ – since those pendants look pretty elegant yet could be personalized. Other than hearts, stars, moons, snowflakes, and peace-sign are a few symbols young fashionistas love to wear these days regardless of their gender.


Zodiac signs inspired charms are also pretty popular among jewelry lovers these days. Wearing a charm inspired by your birth month is an expressing a piece of your personality, that makes your selection of accessories a little more personal. Zodiac inspired charms can also be paired with your birth stone, making it even more holistic and meaningful. You can find some eccentric pieces at Chillatto.

Charm pendants also make excellent gifts. Celebrating an anniversary? Get your loved one an infinity sign charm pendant. A heart charm pendant is still the oldest yet the sweetest way of conveying your love to someone.

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