The Primary Colors Trend on Fashion Runways

The Primary Colors Trend on Fashion Runways

April 05, 2018

One of the major artistic factors in the fashion designing is the accurate and aesthetic use of colors. The color theory can be called the intermingling of science and art as they work like a magic if dealt correctly and with masterly skills by the fashion designers. The key skill of a designer which can immediately attract all the attention is the way he or she uses and coordinates various colors in an outfit or accessory. The art of fashion designing consists of various components and the most prominent one is the creative utilization of the color wheel. The color wheel consists of primary, complementary and analogous colors.

The primary colors are red, blue and yellow which are the most outstanding colors that directly depict the vitality and jazziness of life. The fashion designers in the past have been using the primary colors on the runways to create the best pop out vibrancies to black, white or grey outfits. The perfect use of these primary colors can reflect the cultural and social tendencies and a close association to the vibrant world of nature. The more materialistic the world is getting the farther away the fashion industry has driven from the deep colors and we have the runways filled up with metallic and mingled up hues.

If we view the recent runways, we can conclude that the deep primary colors have rarely been incorporated in the fashion designs of the modern world. Especially in the western world, the outfits and jewelry trends have very little to do with the primary color hues. These colors refer a back-to-basics approach and therefore the advanced level colors are focused more. Jewelry items are prepared in gold, silver and metallic;

either they are the magnificent monograms of Balenciaga and Celine or party girl jewelry items by Oscar De al Renta and Saint Laurent. Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018 can be taken for example, as we can see the very little tinge of the true flavor of the season; spring and summer. The incoherent fashion ideas of Gucci, too much sheer and plastic material by Fendi, snakeskin prints with shades of grey and pastels of Tod and many more reflected a shift from the season’s brightness to the materialism while very few designers played with the deep colors in the form of  baseline or a pop of color to overall look. Designers like Stella Jeans, Versace and Salvatore Ferragamo actually celebrated the spring with full-cover primary colors. The fashion scene is a bit different if we look at other cultural traditions, African Ankara and kitenge is a true celebration of primary colors and seems to vibrant colors in your life.


Osnat Gad 

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