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The English Crown Jewels influence on the Fashion Trends

February 25, 2018

The Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom are the royal objects which are kept in the tower of London and are a symbol of decades of monarchy and royalty. They are the priceless awe-inspiring and magnificent collection of jewels and crowns to adorn kings and queen. The Crown Jewels and the valuable gems have been inspirational as well as controversial too as they consist of some of the most expensive jewels collection in the whole world. Many were given as gifts to the royal family but some were obtained in questionable circumstances such as the Koh-i-Noor Diamond.

The inspirational English Crown Jewelry has been trend-setting, as in 1980s Prince Charles presented a stunning blue Sapphire and diamond ring to Lady Diana at their engagement and the same gorgeous ring has been presented to the Duchess of  Cambridge, Kate Middleton by Prince William, giving a rise to the Blue Sapphire and diamond engagement ring again. Diana selected this beautiful ring from Garrad which was an experienced jeweler to the crown and the Sapphire had become the most popular engagement ring trend of the time.  It can be openly claimed that Princess Diana had more influence on the fashion trends than any other Royal member, especially because of her delicate and inspiring jewelry items. From her bridal elegance to her daily pursuits Diana had a personal iconic style worth noticing and following. Kate Middleton can also be called a style icon and her wardrobe and accessories are trends setting too. She brought many revolutions into the royal attire by wearing the trendiest jewelry items with elegance and making everyone thinking about how to follow her style.

The top jewelry brands of the world have played the vital role in introducing and reviving the jewelry trends by introducing the innovational ideas along with the classic traditional jewelry traditions. The haute couture jewels had been much influenced by the classic crown jewelry items in terms of carvings, embellishment, and designs but there is a lot more work to be done in this regard to make a connection between the inspirational and classic royal jewels to the modern high-end jewelry. The legendary styles and intricate designs of the crown, hat pins, brooches, rings, necklaces and earrings worn and cherished by queens, princesses and duchess as we see in the museums and books can prove to be a true inspiration if inculcated properly into the modern fine jewelry trends and haute couture statement pieces as seen on the runways. After all the widespread craze of jewelry items worn by Diana and Kate proves that every woman wishes to wear a piece that adorns her like a princess!

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