Sun and Beach Trends 2018 in Jewelry

Sun and Beach Trends 2018 in Jewelry

June 25, 2018

The boring winter days are gone; it’s time to take a break and plan for a sun and beach resort holiday. Play with the summer heat, lay on beach with sun setting in your toes, fill your soul with solace of deep unfathomable sea and refresh to make yourself ready for the upcoming ventures of life.

The beach outfits can be stunning and head turning but your personality charms are never complete without the complementary and trendy jewelry items.  The earrings, pendants, bracelets and anklets add a spice to your fashion style and make you a complete show stopper. Here are some must-have jewelry trends to boost up your personal style statement instantly.

Beach Bracelets:

Bracelets at beach are all filled up with sunshine charms; rose gold, gold plated and glittering silver. Let the mesmerizing pearls and gemstones embedded bracelets keep all the eyes glued to you on beach party. If you want to take this trend to the next level, in celebrity style, get various chain bracelets stacked up.

Sexy Pendants:

Pendants are so essential to add a sparkle to your style when the shoulders and neck are bare. The sleek and sexy designs can spice up your beach outfit effortlessly. Let the water droplet pendants in shining pearls enhance your feminine charms amazingly or the precious gems such as white gold diamonds and emerald pendants play the charm.

Rings Collection:

Nothing can be as magical as the sparkling rings on bare hands that reflect the charms of shining sun on the beach. Rings have never been out of fashion trends but this season, they are doubled up and worn in stacked form. Be a stylist to upgrade your own style and flaunt your gorgeous ring collection by stacking them up artistically pairing with your beachwear. The best method of perfect stacking is to select different styles of rings and create symmetry between them by adding some in gemstones and some in plain design. It’s better that you focus on same color scheme but play with various shapes and designs that complement each other and be an absolute diva in the beach party.

Mesmerizing Earrings:

Summer clothing is all about ‘Less is more’ concept! So, to accentuate your tank tops, crop tops, miniskirts, bikini and bathing suits a little more, wear a dazzling pair of earrings. The hottest fashion trends for summer/spring 2018 are of hoops and droplet earrings with glistering gemstones, as they go so well with the tied

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