Ruby History and Lore

December 13, 2017

With its charming red lure, Ruby holds a significant position in history among all other stones. It is not merely an ornamental stone, but a religious one too. Bible has talked about the rubies four times in association with traits like wisdom and beauty. It has been attributed the title of “king of precious stones” in Sanskrit, in which it is called ratnaraj.

The red color of the stone and its significance!
The name ruby is derived from the Latin word ruber, meaning “red.” The glowing red of ruby implied an inextinguishable blaze smoldering in the stone, even glowing through clothing and capable of boiling water. It has been labeled most precious among all the 12 stones made by God.
The red color is the universal symbolism of our most intense emotions of love and anger. It embodies grandeur and aspiration. Due to its close association with blood which is also red in color, many cultures adored rubies for holding the power of life. Lust for power and eternity lies in the roots of man and thus anything holding even the slightest association with it stands significant, so is the red color and the rubies.

History Roman:
Density and hardness of rubies were first described by a Roman scholar Pliny in the first century AD. He was the first person to include rubies in his natural history.
Ancient Hindus had their own religious beliefs regarding rubies. It was deemed that fine rubies offered to God Krishna will bestow upon them the blessing and reward of rebirth as emperors. No wonder, the utmost regard for ruby made Hindus divide it into four castes, Brahmin being the true Oriental ruby. Anyone possessing Brahmin was believed to have the maximum safety of life.
A number of myths have been associated with Ruby over the centuries. Indians held the belief that rubies enabled the development of peace between their owners’ enemies and the owners themselves. Warriors believed that the possession of rubies would make them invincible in the battle. However, this exceeded the mere belief. They had to insert the stone into their flesh to make them part of their bodies.

Ever-growing worth of ruby
With time, the worth of ruby continued to escalate. The birth of western world paralleled the increasing worth of ruby which became a part of the most Ruby retained its importance with the birth of the western world and became one of the most coveted gems among the European royals and the upper classes. Many feudal Europeans wore rubies to assure health, wisdom, wealth and success in love. Thus, the stone held a strong position in the lives of a lot of influential people.
The desire for ruby hasn’t faded even an inch. It is just as desired as it always has been. Being a symbol of wealth, grandeur, passion and love, ruby makes a perfect gift for your loved ones. Its lush red color is what lures the customers towards it making it one of the most sought-after gems at present.

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