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New York City Jewelry Week

New York City Jewelry Week

November 07, 2018


The one of its kind – New York City Jewelry Week for Fall 2018 is all set to inaugurate this November on 10th, Saturday at the heart of the city. Jewelry makers, designers, artists, creators and consumers all are coming together for the event to experience and celebrate their mutual love for jewelry in a manner that has never been offered to public before. The aim and mission of NYCJW is to impart extensive knowledge of art of jewelry making unto souls who are genuinely interested in jewelry beyond its apparent ornamentations and aesthetics. A piece of jewelry is more than just an eye candy – it’s an expression of its creator’s imaginative flight and cultural inspirations and this is what this event aims to instil among the consumers.

This is going to be the first time, New York City is celebrating the love of jewelry at its full zenith. The NYCJW is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. An initiative by former Reinstein/Ross gallery director Bella Neyman and consultant JB Jones, the NWCJ’s jewelry-centric events wouldn’t just be all cramped under one roof. The exhibitions, talks, pop-ups and displays are carefully scattered throughout New York’s landscape so in a very whimsical way when the New York City Jewelry Week officially kicks off, the entire city would don glitz and glam! This unique nature of the event makes the entire experience even more of a cultural activity than a boring academic conference happening under one roof. The attendees would get a chance to experience the art of jewelry making closely, interact with likeminded people and appreciate the arm beyond the surface level.

NYCCJW is going to offer jewelry studio tours, the creations process, demos, techniques, collection exhibitions and lectures to jewelry enthusiast including jewelry makers and wearers alike. The participants get to attend a curator-led tour to the Metropolitan Museum of Art; several NY based collections would be offered for private viewing in Bergdorf Goodman’s own jewelry salon. The Brooklyn Navy Yard is also on bard with studio visits for jewelry enthusiast. The New Museum, Broklyn Metal Works, he 92nd Street Y Jewelry Center and The Museum of Arts and Design are some of the other participants joining hands together to make this event not just about the laborious and intricate skills of jewelry making but also cover the source of inspirations while designing jewelry.

The exhibition, White Gold, Clay Body, curated by Janna Gregonis and Brice Garrett, was at first set to inaugurate the official proceedings, but two special events - Color Light Air and The Kinship Between: American Women Jewelers would now be opened to public for free on 10th, discussing the various ways through which a kinship develops among jewelry makers and wearers and other unique and culturally appeasing aspects of fashion accessories that you have never stopped to consider before.

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