Multiple Rings Trend – Origins, Meanings & Significance

February 18, 2018

Remember Phoebe Buffay – or should we say Princess Consuela Banana Hammock – from the most popular and widely-watched TV shows of all times – F.R.I.E.N.D.S?  Other than her goofiness and charming personality, her eccentric and unconventional style statements were quite the rage back in time.

Even today, people who have ever watched that show, or are catching up now, love the aura that character created for her using her different and unique dressing and styling sense. Stacking up multiple rings was Phoebe’ Buffay’s style. Wearing multiple rings in a single finger has crawled its way back to street style fashion again. Chillatto is the place to find all sorts of rings you would want to wear together – from over the top stone rings to delicate minimalist-vibe elegant rings, they have got a style for everyone.

Wearing multiple rings in a single hand can both be a cultural ritual or a fashion choice depending on the part of the world you hail from. In far far-away lands, especially in Tibet and other regions of South Asia, multiple rings are worn with strong beliefs of good luck. With each ring either featuring a different stone or a bead or a charm signifying one of the four major elements!.

Other than the style or material of your ring, the finger you choose to wear your ring on also carries its distinguished meanings. These meaning, again are deeply rooted in cultural or religious beliefs and can vary from region to region. For the most parts of the world, the left ring finger is considered ‘the marital finger’ and reserved only for wedding or engagement rings. These days, people also have started wearing promise rings in them. Either way, they symbolize your marital status or a life-long romantic promise.

The left middle finger doesn’t particularly stand for anything specific. Thus, if you like wearing statement jewelry, this could be the perfect finger to flaunt it without making any obvious statement about your personal life. Also, the left and right middle fingers are the perfect choice for stacking multiple rings together since they’re the longest ones in your hand.

Thumbs of both hands usually does not signify anything special but make a good choice for anyone in love with the midi-finger rings fashion craze. Pinky fingers of men, however, carry a particular significance. In many western cultures, it is considered the ‘signet finger’ – men usually wear rings that are considered family heirloom in this particular finger signifying their status and family. For women, however, a ring on pinky finger only stands for a fashion choice. Pick one from the extensive collection of rings available at Chillatto and make your style statement.

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