Multiple Ear Piercing – What makes them Cool & Edgy?

January 26, 2018

Ear piercings has to be the oldest, most ancient, almost immemorial jewelry trend out of all. Ear lobe piercings have always been a thing – more cultural and even religious – than a merely a fashion statement for some tribes and civilizations. Even today, in the conservative regions of south Asia, when a baby girl is born, the grannies of the house pierce her ear lobes as part of a custom, a ritual they all celebrate. Over time, ear piercings have evolved. One ear piercing changes into several. Fast forward to the twenty-first century – having multiple ear piercing is a trend now. You’re considered cool and fashion forward if you are on board with wearing more than one stud or heaps of hoops on your ears.

Interestingly enough, the multiple ear piercing trends of modern times is one that has never been age bound. From teens’ school and college girls to twenty-something working women to forty and beyond ladies – it is a trend that is easy to adopt and adapt by all. Also, having multiple ear piercings is a trend that is even though permanent yet still easy to ‘change’ or ‘personalize’ later in the larger scheme of things once you’re bored with your current look.

What Kind of Studs are Trending Right Now?

First of all – if you have decided to add a little more ‘flare’ and ‘edge’ to your current look without going through anything as wild as a whole tattoo sleeve – adding one more ear piercing is the most feminine and less troublesome or painful choice. But, having multiple ear piercings does not give you a license to put your entire earring stash on display. First, it would look distasteful. Second, it would become uncomfortable and cumbersome throughout the day.

If multiple earrings is a trend you want to rock this New Year, do it like pros. Instead of heavier chains, cuffs and rings, try something as subtle and timeless as a row of gemstones. You can coordinate the color and size of gems that you decide to wear together. Wear the biggest on your first ear lobe piercing and keep going smaller as you make your way up. Wearing a row of gem stones like that is ideal for those of you who don’t want to bother with changing their studs every single day. Chillatto jewelry boutique has some stunning gemstone studs that you can even customize as per your likings when it comes to sizing. 

Tiny gold earrings/studs for multiple ear piercings are also quite popular right now. The tinniest gold studs sit perfectly on your ear; are comfortable to wear even on the cartilage; and there is something fascinatingly mysterious about them! Teensy hearts, moon, stars and even shooting stars are some of the trending earring styles for multiple piercings.

For 2017-18, the less is more approach is said to dominate the fine jewelry trends. Long dangling chunky earrings for primary ear lobes are thus not relevant anymore. You could find very delicate drop hoop earrings at Chillatto if you want some drama on your primary ear lobe and can pair them with tiny blingy gemstone studs in your upper piercings.

Osnat Gad

Researched and Edited by Miraj Tahir

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