Chillato Edgy Jewelry

September 14, 2018

The term ‘edgy’ in fashion has been carved around the world of looking hard, tough, rebellious and unkempt. It is usually used to personify someone who wears leather boots and jackets, rides a Harley Davidson, is heavily tattooed and is most often seen doing unexpected things. However, this definition is only representative of ONE spectrum in the world of fashion, which is ‘hard or tough edgy’. On the other spectrum lies the unconventional, trendy, unpredictable but ‘wearable fashion’ which is edgy and new but not utterly berserk.

At Chillato, edgy is all about wearing the same things from a new perspective. It is the rebirth of old fashion in an unconventional manner. It is the way you style your regular self in a completely new light. This is what edgy fashion is all about for us.

Not bound by any particular façade, edgy fashion goes beyond the boundaries of bohemian, eclectic, artsy, hippie or indie fashion styles. However, edgy fashion can merge the elements of all and create something astoundingly flattering yet eccentric.

So how do you make your mark with edgy jewelry and create your fashion statement? We’ve gathered a few suggestions for you:

  • Embrace the Trend

If you want yourself to look edgy, embrace some of the most trending fashion fads around you but make sure to add your own touch to them. Going with the flow will make you look ordinary but if you add your own twist to the mix, you are bound to stand out. These single band rings with a tiny skull hanging out is an edgy way to wear something simple:

  • Tone down the Sparkle

Mainstream fashion is all about the glitter and the sparkles. But if you are rebelling against the norms and creating your own unique fashion space, tone the shine down and let some simplicity takeover. Sometimes, being modest is all you need to look edgy and in-vogue. Also, instead of putting on a one-piece chunky bracelet that covers half your arm, try using the ‘stacked’ bracelet fashion. This will help give you coverage and also stand out from the rest.

  • Find Uniqueness in Jewelry

If traditional and mundane jewelry bores you, try to look for something that immediately catches your eye. Jewelry that draws your attention in a jiffy and makes you look twice is what will stand out from the crowd. The regular gems, gold and silver will always be chic but if you believe that you stand for something more, look for something which will reflect your unique mindset. Not everyone can carry a rare piece of jewelry and if you can, you must take all opportunities to flaunt your skill! 

  • Own Your Edge

It takes a lot of courage to be who you are and stand for what you believe in. At the end of the day, all that matters is your confidence and how you shine with it. Regardless of what you wear and how you adorn yourself with jewelry, believe in yourself and your edginess will stand out on its own!



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