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A new Fashion Trend 2018 with Chillatto Black Jewelry

December 09, 2017

On the runways of the recent Paris Fashion Week, the one thing that seemed to overpower all was a lavish use of Black color with a little pop of other colors in between and this gives a clue of the coming fashion trend 2017-2018, The Black. Although the trends keep on changing but there are certain things that remain as a style staple in wardrobe and black is one such color that everyone possesses as a fashion statement. According to the top fashion designers and styling experts The Black color is ‘poetic’ and it brings out your hidden charms and makes you look mysterious, attractive and romantic at the same time. The black jewelry is one such collection that you must own to enhance your mesmerizing charms and look edgy too. A black jewelry brand has launched their exclusively inspirational jewelry collection recently which is not just highly sophisticated but also trendiest.

Thanks to the technological breakthrough there are exciting revolutions in jewelry making techniques and created the exciting combo of different metals and gemstones with black. It brings out a subtle and bewitching effect in the beautiful black jewelry collection that you can’t resist to wear. From black silver, black diamond, brown diamond and black onyx and black amber are the unique jewelry items which you can find at Chillatto and wearing them would not only be just edgy and stylish but make you stand out of the crowd. There is wide range of designs in the form of the trendiest bracelets, rings, ring bands, earrings and so much more. You can choose to shop and wear your favorite ornaments with your trendy outfits and mark your personal style statements and that also being so much pocket-friendly!

If you currently do not own any black jewelry items you must be wondering what to buy and how! Here are some worth viewing things that you must know.

Black jewelry is Unique
Jewelry has been worn from the ancient times up till now and you may find mostly gold and silver around you along with various metals and gemstones but the black jewelry is a rebellious and break-the-norms kind of trend that is not only unique but elegant too and is extremely eye catching.
Precious Black Gold
If you got bored of wearing your regular yellow gold jewelry and want sensational change black gold jewelry is the best choice for you. The value and worth of the jewelry won’t be low and the design and style will be such that you will look stunning after wearing it.


The Street Style Jewelry in Black
The street style clothing and outfits are much loved and worn by mostly the stylish teenagers and by others too in order to achieve casual catchy look. The intrinsic and unique designs of black jewelry items are best to be paired up with this kind of outfits to complete the look. In order to find from funky to breathtaking jewelry items you must visit


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