5 Ways to Incorporate More Color in Your Precious & Semi-precious Jewelry Collection!

5 Ways to Incorporate More Color in Your Precious & Semi-precious Jewelry Collection!

January 18, 2018

In todays urbanized, street-style inspired, modern and chic fashion world jewelry articles are as important as other accessories – say like shoes and bags. Women like to play with colors instead of sticking to just good old pure gold jewelry and diamonds. People aren’t very convinced about the mysterious healing properties of various gemstones but they still like to wear them as a fashion statement. The popularity of gold plated and sterling silver jewelry among young girls and women who prefer fashion jewelry has also hiked up the popularity and demand of colored gemstones such as red rubies and green sapphires.

If you are looking for inspirational ideas to incorporate gemstone jewelry in your daily outfits, the jewelry collection Chillato just might end your search. If dainty handcrafted unique jewelry pieces are your cup of tea, then you will be able to spot many jewelry items including rings, studs, earrings, pendants and bracelets on the site. The best thing about Chillato’s jewelry designs is its inclusion of other gemstones in very trendy fashion jewelry pieces. The creative director thinks out of the box and comes up with jewelry articles that translate gemstones in very contemporary stylish fashion accessories.

Here are five colored gemstone jewelry picks from Chillato that will easily work as a daily fashion accessory for you.

1- Genuine Sapphire Heart Pendant Charm Necklace


This exquisite piece of jewelry basically combines two of the most popular jewelry trends of 2017-2018. First, it features a cute heart-shaped charm with a genuine blue sapphire. Secondly, it features a pretty long chain so you will be able to layer it beautifully with choker or other smaller necklaces. This is a piece that will work with both dresses or a casual jeans and shirt.

2- Pendant with 3 Genuine Oval Red Ruby


Still staying on the subject of exquisite pieces of gemstone necklaces that you can actually style in a modern uber-chic way, this ruby bezel long pendant is a blend of classic and eclectic fashion. You can wear it with a simple t-shirt or crop top with jeans or use it to accessorize your flowy, feminine over the top bohemian outfits – it will go perfectly with everything. Also, the deep red rubies will add oomph to your attire.

3- Emerald-Cut Orange Agate Ring


Orange Agate occurs naturally in Brazil and usually cut like an Emerald. If you like stacking up your rings – mix and match them, you’d love this ring at Chillato. It is perfect to be worn on its own for a subtle fashion statement, or you can pair it with an opal or ruby ring.

4- White Gold Genuine Ruby Bezel Stud Earrings


If you flaunt multiple ear piercings, the best street style jewelry trend to follow right now is to wear gemstones in a row. Deep red rubies look brilliant when worn together, especially if you have three ear lobe piercings.

5- Bracelet with Charm Star Set With Genuine Ruby


You can also add a hint of red or blue or green by pairing your wrist watch with a delicate gold plated bracelet featuring a ruby, sapphire or emerald charm

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