The Lure of Victorian Jewelry for Millennial Who Show Appreciation for Antique Victorian Jewelry

The Lure of Victorian Jewelry for Millennial Who Show Appreciation for Antique Victorian Jewelry

November 21, 2018

One of the growing trend noted among the youth in the Annual Antiques Show NYC 2018, was the love of the vintage Victorian jewelry created with the delicacy and art. The love of vintage has never been faded away from the fashion scene but this year it has specifically been a biggest comeback especially in the jewelry fashion trends of 2018. The Victorian designs with all the inherent intricacy and aesthetic quality has been more focused in making the modern statement jewelry items thus creating an amalgamation of timeless with contemporary and modern with the classic. It proves that the fast-forward millennial is deep inspired from the beauty of past and the nostalgic pieces of Victorian and royal jewelry items.

Here are some classic pieces of jewelry from CHILLATTO which are vintage-inspired but are bound to attract the millennial.

Millennial Nostalgia and golden age jewelry:

The golden age of 60s and 90s has a lot more to attract us than just clothing items! The classic jewelry has deep inspiration for us. The nostalgic items such as Victorian over-sized round emerald and diamond rings,

Precious gemstones in the multilayered and mesmerizing style 

The royal style of white gold pear shape sapphire is ultimate source of inspiration that gives vibe of princess or queen. 

Millennial Desire for creativity and Intricacy:

The artificial and plain modern design cannot feel charming forever. The timeless jewelry items created with the artistic skills and mastery hands have a deep down attraction for the modern fashionistas. The concept of intricacy, delicacy and handmade beautiful items is loved and admired more this year.


Millennial Loved Engraved Art from Past

The engraved art and minutest details on the jewelry items from the past are must loved.



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