How to Wear Red and Pink Lipstick with Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby Jewelry?

How to Wear Red and Pink Lipstick with Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby Jewelry?

November 30, 2018

‘Apparel oft proclaims the man’ and it’s a bare reality that people judge your personality by your outlook. We must get dressed according to status, age, and occasion; failing to do say can have negative influences on our image or repute. The women of modern age decide to wear outfit very carefully and not just that, the accessories and makeup must be compatible according to the outfit and occasion to mark the strong impact. Especially when you are going to a special occasion or it’s your big day, wearing a perfect outfit with the best diamond, sapphire or ruby jewelry and looking the best with the stunning makeup.

If you own gorgeous and expensive diamond sapphire or ruby jewelry and must attend the special event, it’s the time to mar your style with perfection without any flaws. You can get a lot of ideas from the celebrities wearing the precious pearls in a royal manner on the red carpets. You can have a glimpse of Kate Middleton lifestyle look-book to get a clear idea of how the precious gemstones are worn with grace and elegance.

The color compatibility has vital importance when pairing up with jewelry items. The gemstones jewelry must be paired with much care with the choice of lip color. The matt and bold red lipstick can look absolutely stunning with the diamond jewelry as it can complement the precious gem and enhance its charms. The red lipstick is almost a universal color to pair with any jewelry item; you can wear red lips with ruby, sapphire or diamond without going wrong. To keep the overall look classy and chic you must select fewer jewelry items so that overall look remains focused.

Pink lip color can also light the gemstones jewelry and act like a spotlight to brighten up your jewelry items and enhance your personality charms. Nothing can be more fun than picking up the contrasting colors and pairing up them boldly like the pro. But keep in mind that if you are picking up the bold and vibrant color for your lips as red or pink, keep the tones of rest of makeover light or nude. Too much heavy makeup will divert the attention from the dazzling charms of bold and precious gemstones; if you are going out with statement outfit and bold lip color keep the jewelry items fewer and sophisticated such as diamond studs, delicate sapphire pendant or sparkling ruby earrings.

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