Chillatto Stacked Rings Trend

Chillatto Stacked Rings Trend

December 11, 2018

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, the life of any trend is very short and brief. It is within this fleeting period that certain trends make a huge mark and are adapted by global citizens of the fashion world. On the contrary, a trend can pass like a wind, touching a few but not resonating with the masses.

When we see this evolution, there is one little trend that has made a huge impact in the recent years. It is the stacked rings. They are here to stay. Covered and featured by mainstream media, adorned by notable celebrities and promoted by noteworthy brands, stacked rings has taken the world by storm. This trend rose to fame from a very cultural context where women had to wear their engagement and wedding rings together, thus stacking them on top of each other.

The best thing about wearing stacked rings from Chillatto is that you can pair anything with whatever you like. You are not bound by the type of rings you stack, for example: you can wear a fairly chunky ring with a delicate one and it’ll look gorgeous. This is the only fashion trend that brings out the creative mind inside you. It urges you to imagine the best possibilities and combinations that you can create to make your own fashion statement.

So how do you ace the game of stacked rings?

  1. Metals & More Metals

It is in-vogue to mix your metals, add some copper to your gold rings or add a stack of gold to the silver bands. Metallic stacked rings not only look funky and trendy but they also add an edgy touch to your personality. Don’t look too matchy-matchy but try to be cohesive in your choice of rings.


  1. Leave Some Space

The best way to look elegant yet in style is to leave some empty space on your hands. To go with the flow, we tend to adorn all our fingers with stacked rings creating too much noise in our hand and looking too chunky to the eyes. If you leave one or two fingers empty and go all stacked up in the rest, you will strike a great balance in sophistication and panache.


  1. Balance It Out

You’ve been seeing the word ‘balance’ repeatedly with stacked rings because the only problem with this fashion is that it is very easy to over-do it. You can keep stacking but there is a fine line in between chic and conservative. You need to identify that line and create your balance. Not all chunky rings in one finger is a good idea neither is all plain ones. Mix and match!


  1. Play Your Creativity

At the end of the day, you need to play, experiment and find your own style. Don’t be afraid to try out something which is completely out-of-the-box because you never know what goes well with your personality. Midi-rings can never go wrong so go ahead, get some rings from Chillatto and create your own unique flair!

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